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Dor Kemmyn

How we worked with Dor Kemmyn to provide an online presence for many faith communities throughout Cornwall.

Dor Kemmyn which is Cornish for ‘Common Ground’ was developed to provide an inter-faith centre in Cornwall to bring people from all faiths together and find their ‘common ground’..

Having met with The Cornwall Faith Forum we discussed their needs for their website and ongoing support needs.

With lots of collaboration we built their website to assist them with their project of brining people together, no matter their faith.

We were proud to have worked on their website build to assist them in their mission in Cornwall.

Dor Kemmyn chose to have an intermediate package with us to allow them to update their news articles and other part of their site, safe int he knowledge that we are only a call or support ticket away.

“We have relied on the support from Toby and the team for a few years now and it’s great to know that they are on hand to help out.”

Dor Kemmyn ‘Common Ground’

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