Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police

How we worked with both Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police to deliver a bespoke recruitment website.

Police Recruitment

Working with the Alliance Team within Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police they wanted to establish a bespoke recruitment website that showcased all of their roles and vacancies in a way that showed a professional, easy to navigate way.

Once the framework was put in place, we started to populate the website with text that was provided to us as well as images that depicted the content it represented.

Throughout the website build there were many challenges, including showcasing roles that spanned across both force areas, but also showing them in a way that it was clear which force a member of the public would be viewing.

Working with the Recruitment Team we were able to separate the content in such a way that enabled members of the public to navigate the website with ease.

Accessibility and ease of use was a key consideration in this website build. With any website, it should be accessible to as many people as possible, however, with a public authority facing national scrutiny to meet equality and accessibility needs, we worked hard to ensure that the website was accessible to as many people as possible.

Adding tools that seamlessly enables people with lots of different needs was great and a real challenge, but one that was and is totally worth it.

Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police chose to maintain their own website on separate servers and when the handover was completed, in its first month the website saw over 200,000 unique visitors.

This was one of the largest projects we have been involved with to date, but something that we all really enjoyed.

We are thankful to ComputerEZE for putting our website together. It really does help us connect with potential new officers and staff in a way that wasn’t open to us before.

Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police

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