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Connect your business the ComputerEZE way!

Stand out online with a professional website, branding & hosting.

Elegant Designs

Elegant and bespoke designs to suite your business style perfectly.

Responsive Sites

Your website will be beautiful on desktop, tablet and mobile’s.

Tailored to you

Following your brief, your website will look how you want it to.

Hosted & Managed

We offer a range of hosting & website management packages.

Web Design

This is the ‘shop window’ to your business and with so many websites out there on the internet it is important to not only have a website that is easy to navigate and read, but one that is also attractive and stands out, promoting quality and trust for your business.

We pride ourselves in the simplistic yet elegant and functional designs and always take the time to get to know our clients business before starting to build a new website. This ensures that we fully understand our client’s needs in a digital platform.


Your branding is even more important than your website and often go hand-in-hand.

Remember the business you can name by just seeing their logo? This is how unique your business is and should be.

Working with a client brief about ideas, colours and concepts we work hard to put together new branding so that your business is not only unique on the web, but instantly recognised elsewhere.

WordPress Hosting

We offer WordPress hosting at an affordable cost.

Whether you are looking to migrate your website to us, manage your website yourself or take advantage of a fully managed, friendly hosting package where everything is taken care of, we have you covered.

Domain Names

Your domain name which is the address of your website and very often the name of your company or project is an integral part of any website design.

Whether you have a domain name in mind, own one already or want to find one, we can help!

We also have a number of domain names that are for sale, check out our current domain name sales list for more details!

The centre of any design

For any design, be it branding or website design, or indeed both, our clients are always at the centre of their project.

Here at ComputerEZE we understand that it is a great privilege and carries huge responsibility to build a platform that reflects our clients business.

Working with you at every step of the project, keeping you informed, up to date on progress and on track is critical to what we do.

Our featured work

Let’s work together on your next project

If you like what you hear and would like us to work with you on your branding, website development, host your website or discuss a management plan for your website, give us a shout!