Cabana Mexican Bar and Kitchen

How we worked with Cabana Mexican Bar and Kitchen to provide a welcoming restaurant website and a booking system.

Cabana Mexican Bar and Kitchen

Cabana Mexican Bar and Kitchen pride themselves with providing their customers authentic Mexican food in a friendly and relaxing environment, so we were delighted when we were asked to work with them to provide a funky, friendly bespoke website.

As with all website builds we spend time with our client to understand their business and understand what they want to portray on their ‘shop window to the world’.

We spent time talking to the owners to discover their needs and were even fortunate enough to attend a taste session of their food so we could truly understand the products they sell.

After our design brief was discussed we set about building a wireframe of the website and also putting some ideas of logos together for them to choose. As this was a new restaurant it was important to get the branding right, so that logos and colours could be used on a whole range of materials to compliment their restaurant.

Once the website build was well under way we looked at various ways to meet the restaurant needs in terms of a robust, easy to use booking system.

Once built and configured, the booking system was tested rigorously to ensure its integrity and ease of use and then it was all systems go to get the site live and up and running.

The website was handed over the when officially live it complimented the now thriving restaurant which continues to go from strength to strength. If you get the chance, head over there, you won’t regret it!

It was great to have ComputerEZE put the website together. When we saw the website in the flesh we loved it. It is one of the best websites we have seen and we are very proud to have it as our window to the world.

Cabana Mexican Bar and Kitchen

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